Variant Perception, now on the iPad

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new iPad application.

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> Offline access allowing you to read reports on the go.
> Push notifications alerting you to the latest reports.
> Video presentations of our conference calls to watch at your convenience.
> Preview reports before downloading.
> New report categories helping you to find the content you are most interested in

Prospective Customers
> VP Blog button giving you easy access to this blog, allowing you to keep track of our latest updates and media appearances.


Global macroeconomic trend analysis through Monthly, Weekly and Thematic commentaries.
> Monthly– Published at the beginning of each month, an in-depth look at themes and trends in the global economy.
> Weekly– Presents approximately eight to ten compelling charts. Ideas introduced in weekly reports are analyzed more thoroughly in monthly reports.
> Thematic – Breaking views on thematic subjects released as the need and opportunity arises.
Proprietary leading indicator forecasts of country and sectoral changes.
> Leading Indicator Watch – A monthly roundup of our leading indicators, forecasting conditions in specific areas of the global economy, arranged by geography and sector.
Portfolio positioning and trade recommendations using market sentiment and valuation models.
> Tactical Charts – A weekly report highlighting a broad suite of tools developed by Variant Perception, helping traders identify short-term and medium-term tops and bottoms in markets.