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Interview on ABC News Australia with Variant’s Chief Editor Jonathan Tepper

Variant Perception’s Chief Editor Jonathan Tepper appeared on Australian based ABC News today to talk about the potential consequences of a country leaving the Euro-zone, and whether it will have a significant impact on the Australian economy in the near…

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Sterling’s rally to peter out on rising inflation

The strength of sterling has been in part due to some safe-haven flows from the Middle East (where sometimes GBP is seen as a preferable safe-haven to the USD or CHF), but this is not the fundamental driver.

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CNBC Interview

Variant Perception had one guest host appearance on the CNBC today. Head of Research Claus Vistesen talked about the ECB’s rate decision and what it is likely to do in the face of a weakening global economy. We should of course…

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Variant Perception will be a guest host on CNBC tomorrow

Variant Perception will have one guest host appearance tomorrow (Thursday May the 3rd) on CNBC. Head of Research Claus Vistesen will be appearing 11.00 GMT to speak about the ECB’s rate decision.

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