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US Sector & Global Overview – 8/29

US SECTOR OVERVIEW All US sectors save Utilities are trading close to the upper end of their range but are very close to a breakout to the downside which suggests general market weakness ahead in the short run. Utilities offer…

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Indonesia’s Current Account Deteriorates on a Slump in Exports

In principle, a negative current account should not be a problem for Indonesia given the economy’s strong demographic profile, but the slump in external demand will expose the strong credit growth in the domestic economy

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Ukraine – Dropping the Currency Peg is the Most Viable Option to Avert a Crisis

The situation in Ukraine is once more coming to a head, as it did so in 2008 and 2009. To avoid a hard default, a critical outflow of foreign funds, and a complete depletion in the central bank’s reserve assets, Ukraine should drop the peg (or widen the trading band) to the USD and devalue its currency.

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