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Gold Miners Very Cheap to Gold

From our Tactical Report of 19th Jan 2016: Gold miners continue to cheapen to the gold price.  Using the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index (which has the longest history), precious-metal miners are now as cheap as they have ever been…

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Tactical Buy on NZD

(from our Tactical from 2nd of June) We only have one tactical signal this week, a buy on NZD.  The VP Divergence Signal looks at correlations to detect when an asset is trading out of sync with other related global macro…

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Swiss Gold Referendum: A Spanner in the Works

As polls continue to swing around ahead of the Swiss gold referendum on 30th November, we expect increased volatility in the FX and gold market.  After the implementation of the EURCHF floor, gold’s share of the SNB balance sheet has…

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