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Monetary Policy Still Too Hot for Germany

An ongoing theme we kept coming back to throughout 2015 in the eurozone is that monetary policy tends to either too hot or too cold for the core or periphery.  The ECB’s attempts to fight deflation and reflate the periphery…

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European Recovery: Periphery Loan-growth Needed

One of the aims of loose monetary policy is to boost lending.  The theory is lower rates and greater availability of liquidity will encourage lending and borrowing, which in turn will boost economic activity.  Unfortunately, an increased supply of loans…

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ECB QE: Inflation to Start Surprising to the Upside

The sharp devaluation in the euro and the rapid acceleration in economic activity will mean short-term inflation dynamics in the eurozone will soon start surprising to the upside.  In this context it is important to remember that the only justification…

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Long-term Real Yields’ Decline Implies Stagflation

Yield curves almost everywhere have been flattening. At the long end of yield curves, bonds have been rallying all year. This is to be expected in Europe, where growth remains lacklustre, inflation is very weak, and the ECB is firmly in easing mode. However, even in the UK and the US, where the market has been gingerly pricing in the beginning of (perceived) hiking cycles, long bonds have been rallying.

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Strong euro starting to bite on European exporters

Nothing comes for free and with the eurozone periphery deflating its way to a currency account surplus the aggregate external balance of the euro area has increased to its highest level ever at more than 2% of GDP. Coupled with tighter liquidity (less euros sloshing around), improved sentiment and repatriation ahead of AQR the EUR has seen strong support this year.

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Negative government bond yields in Europe not necessarily predicting deflation

Core European government bond yields continue to fall and are now outright negative in many countries. Traditionally, this would suggest a stern message from the fixed income market that deflation is around the corner.

But there could be other explanations.

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Spain will be difficult to contain without help and bank recapitalisation

In our view, the Spanish banking system is in need of wholesale recapitalisation to deal with the sizeable losses in the country’s property market. This will likely include a bad bank provision. Before that happens, the ECB’s open market operations will mainly buy time in the form of liquidity as well as provide banks with money to exchange bad loans for lending to the government.

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Monetary Contraction Continues in Europe

Simon Ward at Money Moves Markets updates us on the latest monetary aggregates from the eurozone and despite strong global growth in excess liquidity and central bank expansion, money growth remains weak in Europe. Going out of 2011, 6 month…

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ECB at the forefront of global central bank QE

130212_ECB total assets

Since early September the ECB’s balance sheet has expanded by 589 billion euros (about 750 billion USD) and the Fed USD swap lines are currently sitting at around 100 billion USD. The second LTRO to be conducted towards the end of February is then very likely to take this number well past 1 trillion USD of liquidity to the European banking system.

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