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Variant Perception shortlisted for Wolfson Prize

wolfson prize homepage showcase

We are pleased to announce that Variant Perception has been elected as a top 5 entrant for the Wolfson Economics Prize for our piece A Primer on the Euro.  More details can be found at the Policy Exchange website as well as on…

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Fiscal austerity in the eurozone: Spain dissents and Italy delivers, but at a price

Greece is in default and Ireland and Portugal are in limbo with the market pricing in a Greek outcome in both economies. However, the situation has changed in Spain and Italy and on this measure alone, the ECB’s LTRO has been successful.

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Monetary Contraction Continues in Europe

Simon Ward at Money Moves Markets updates us on the latest monetary aggregates from the eurozone and despite strong global growth in excess liquidity and central bank expansion, money growth remains weak in Europe. Going out of 2011, 6 month…

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Austerity hurts in Italy as leading indicators slump to post crisis lows

Government bond yields have declined substantially in Italy on the back of ECB’s 3Y LTRO as well as the commitment of the new government to austerity. Yet, leading indicators have slumped to a post crisis lows and sustainable growth seems far away as ever.

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