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European Recovery: Periphery Loan-growth Needed

One of the aims of loose monetary policy is to boost lending.  The theory is lower rates and greater availability of liquidity will encourage lending and borrowing, which in turn will boost economic activity.  Unfortunately, an increased supply of loans…

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ECB QE: Inflation to Start Surprising to the Upside

The sharp devaluation in the euro and the rapid acceleration in economic activity will mean short-term inflation dynamics in the eurozone will soon start surprising to the upside.  In this context it is important to remember that the only justification…

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Eurozone Growth Stuck in a Quagmire

Eurozone growth goes from setback to setback with last week’s GDP number being just the latest in a long line of similar disappointments. Soft indicators have consistently overstated the strength of this year’s recovery, and the unpleasant truth is that as one country after another has swooned under the summer heat we are down to Spain as ‘last man standing’. Our leading indicators are pointing to anaemic growth ahead for much of the eurozone and Russia’s recent food sanctions on European agriculture will only add to the downturn.

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Strong euro starting to bite on European exporters

Nothing comes for free and with the eurozone periphery deflating its way to a currency account surplus the aggregate external balance of the euro area has increased to its highest level ever at more than 2% of GDP. Coupled with tighter liquidity (less euros sloshing around), improved sentiment and repatriation ahead of AQR the EUR has seen strong support this year.

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CNBC and Bloomberg interview on the Eurozone and Code Red at central banks

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Variant Perception’s Jonathan Tepper was on CNBC and Bloomberg this week to discuss prospects of deflation in the eurozone as well as his new book Code Red on global central banking, financial repression and what it means for investors.

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Eurozone countries given more time to adjust their budget deficits


Variant Perception’s Claus Vistesen was on BBC World Business this week talking about the eurozone periphery and how governments will be given more time to adjust their budget deficits.

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Europe’s Economy Stabilises, But Watch The Sting In The Tail

European economies showed further signs of stabilization in January with flash PMIs registering continued strengthening on most fronts (this week will see a number of actual PMI readings). The only noteworthy exception was France where conditions deteriorated further, with the composite reading falling to 42.6 (from 44.7 in December) and hence showing a sharp contraction. At the other end of the scale was Germany, where the composite showed 53.6 (up from 50.3 in December), an evidently positive surge in activity.

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Variant Perception’s Final Entry for the Wolfson Economics Prize

The Final Winner of the Wolfson Economics Prize was announced today. Congratulations to all for their efforts! Download our full report

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Spain will be difficult to contain without help and bank recapitalisation

In our view, the Spanish banking system is in need of wholesale recapitalisation to deal with the sizeable losses in the country’s property market. This will likely include a bad bank provision. Before that happens, the ECB’s open market operations will mainly buy time in the form of liquidity as well as provide banks with money to exchange bad loans for lending to the government.

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