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The Remorseless Logic of Capital Outflows from China

China is in the midst of a debt-deflationary bust.  It is an ongoing process that has gathered pace recently.  Capital outflows are a symptom of this, and a weaker yuan is an integral part of the attempted cure.  We expect…

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Despite the rout, excess liquidity will prove to be supportive

  Stock markets are experiencing a classic crash pattern.  Volatility has spiked and sharp sell offs are often being followed by powerful rallies.  As with previous crash patterns, we would expect markets to continue to gyrate wildly for around the next…

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Japanese Equity Flows Diverge

October saw the BoJ’s announcement of increased stimulus, coordinated with the new targets for the GPIF, 25% each for foreign and domestic equities (up from 12% each), and a decrease in JGBs, from 60% to 35% of holdings.  Investors, both…

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Where Japan Rate Vol Leads, Others Follow

Volatility in general is still falling, with both equity and commodity volatility lower than their 2005/06 trough.  However, we are seeing signs of life in interest rate volatility.  US rate volatility has recently pipped up, and this has been led…

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Japan’s economy is running out of time and growth

130212_Japan GDP

The recent Q4-12 GDP print in Japan underscores the mounting pressure on BOJ and Ministry of Finance officials to act decisively on the ongoing strength of the Yen. Japan’s economy slumped to a  2.9% contraction on the year (nominal GDP,…

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