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Reflation in Danger Due to Low Liquidity

Over the past few weeks we have expressed scepticism on the Trump reflation trade and we have argued that bank stocks should underperform. We have shown previously that when you look at the 3 and 6 month change in Commercial…

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No Margin Support for Equities

P/E expansion has been an important driver of US equity returns in recent years. The left chart shows the disaggregation of returns in 5 year blocks going back to 1996. As we can see, in the years 2011-2016, 55% points…

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Financials Rally at Odds with Credit Cycle

Financials have been the biggest winners since the Trump election  The S&P Bank ETF KBE has rallied 29% since the election.  We’ve written about financials over the past few weeks, but it is worth highlighting again. While we may see…

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