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Nearing the Edge of the Cliff in Ukraine – Devaluation Coming

Below is an excerpt from our weekly report from last Wednesday.  On Friday, Moody’s downgraded Ukraine to Caa1 (from B3), citing plummeting FX reserves, downside risk from future negotiations with the IMF, and Ukraine’s worsening relations with Russia. Less reported…

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Ukraine – Dropping the Currency Peg is the Most Viable Option to Avert a Crisis

The situation in Ukraine is once more coming to a head, as it did so in 2008 and 2009. To avoid a hard default, a critical outflow of foreign funds, and a complete depletion in the central bank’s reserve assets, Ukraine should drop the peg (or widen the trading band) to the USD and devalue its currency.

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Following the pattern we have identified in other countries in the region, Ukraine is once more getting itself into a deeper and deeper mess

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